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Pay-per-Click  Search Engine Advertising
“Pay-per-Click” search engine advertising allows you to choose exactly how much you want to spend for each visitor to your website. With Pay-per-Click search engine advertising, your website can appear in the “sponsor” section in major search engines and thousands of partner sites within 24 hours. We can assist you in setting up accounts in any major Pay-per-Click search engines that you choose.
Pay-per-Click  Search Engine Advertising

Pay-per-Click search engine advertising has both pros and cons. For long term marketing, we can only recommend the, Google, LookSmart, MSN, and Yahoo Pay-per-Click programs.


- You can get listed fast, often within minutes
- You pay only for clicks to your site
- Traffic is sent to specific landing pages
- Allows you to target niche keywords that an investment in SEO may not warrant
- You have full control over the listing's title and description
- You can also target seasonal keywords


- Click Fraud - Please contact us for a detailed explanation
- You must pay each month for every click which often exceeds the cost of search engine placement, especially in the long-term
- Within the same search engine, a fewer number of clicks occur in a paid listing than in an organic listing. For example, the top listing in the organic search engine results gets an average of five to seven times more traffic than the top sponsor listing

If you have a monthly Pay-per-Click marketing budget of over $10,000, please contact us for more information so we can help your company eliminate paying for fraud clicks and improve your ROI on Pay-per-Click campaigns or possibly transition you to an organic search engine placement campaign.
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